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Leisure activities in Chalong – Perfect for divers

Chalong is located on the east coast of Phuket and has all kinds of hotels. The place is less suitable for swimming, because the beach is comparatively muddy. However, as a landing stage for boats, ships and yachts, Chalong is a natural place but ideal because it is very sheltered from the wind. Besides the Royal Phuket Marina, the Yacht Haven and the Boat Lagoon, Chalong is also a centre for all boating activities. The Ao Chalong Yacht Club has its base in Chalong and organizes regattas on a regular basis. The bar at the beach is used by sailors. Therefore, the hotels in Chalong have comparatively many sailors and boat owners.

Early in the morning and late in the afternoon the traffic in Chalong is the most intense, because the excursion groups and divers then enter and leave the boats. The most striking feature of Chalong is definitely the jetty. It is 720 meters long and seven meters wide, making it one of the longest in Phuket. There is a parking lot, one or two restaurants, numerous shops, kiosks and open-air waiting areas. All these places are used by the visitors with pleasure. If you are looking for a hotel in Thailand, you will certainly not make a mistake with Chalong, unless you are looking for a party or beach holiday.

Sights in Chalong and surroundings – What you should not miss

Not far from Phuket and the village of Chalong is Ko Lon, a large, mountainous island with predominantly Muslim inhabitants, which can be reached by boat from Chalong Pier. The locals live from fishing and rubber and coconut plantations. Very beautiful is the long beach on the northeast coast. There is also a bungalow complex known as Baan Mai Beachfront Phuket and a jetty. Hotels are not to be found here. There is a boat connection between Ko Lon and Chalong Pier on Phuket, which connects Phuket Island with Ko Lon.

About eight kilometers outside of Chalong is the Chalong Temple. Here is the statue of Luang Por Cham, who helped the people of Phuket to defeat the rebellion of the Angyee during the reign of King Rama V in 1876. Also statues of Luang Por Chaung and Luang Por Gluam can be found here.

For whom is Chalong suitable?

For people who come to Thailand to dive, Chalong is perfect. There are several hotels which are the perfect starting point for this. If you are travelling to Phuket to practice Thai boxing and fitness, this Phuket town is also the right place to go. Around the Tiger Muay Thai there is the Muay Road, which is ideal for such activities.

Advantages and disadvantages of Chalong

Very nice thing about Chalong is that there are many hotels as well as some local restaurants which are located directly at the sea. Especially the fish restaurants are first class. Moreover, the place offers perfect conditions if you want to get to know other islands besides Phuket, because you can start a tour by boat from here. But Chalong is also one of the busiest places on Phuket. Chalong Beach is located at the east coast of Phuket and unfortunately it is very muddy. Therefore it offers only limited swimming possibilities. But for diving the Chalong Beach is ideal.

Hotels and accommodation in Chalong on Phuket – Where to stay overnight

Whether you are looking for a House for Rent or a hotel in Phuket, you will certainly find something suitable in Chalong. A House for Rent is comparatively inexpensive, but a hotel offers you the greater comfort. Phuket is generally known for its luxurious hotels. Nevertheless, there are also hotels for the small bag. This also applies to the hotels in Chalong. In order to make your choice easier, we will introduce you to the most popular hotels in Chalong in more detail below.

Palm Garden Resort

If you decide against a House for Rent but for a hotel in Chalong, you are in the right place with the Palm Garden Resort in Chalong, which is located in the immediate vicinity of Chalong Pier. This hotel is therefore perfect as a starting point for boat and diving tours. Unfortunately Chalong itself does not have a real beach, but in only 15 minutes you can reach the Nai Harn Beach and the Kata Beach of Phuket. The Palm Garden Resort Hotel has recently renovated rooms, a private terrace and free wireless internet. It is one of the most popular hotels in Chalong and even on Phuket, which is reflected in the numerous positive reviews: The hotel almost always gets all stars in the ratings. The Palm Garden Resort offers optimal conditions for divers.

Villa Zolitude Resort & Spa

At the Villa Zolitude Resort & Spa, each individual villa has a spacious sun terrace as well as a living room with flat-screen TV, free minibar and free WLAN. The bathrooms offer a bathtub and an outdoor shower.

Aochalong Villa Resort & Spa

When you book Aochalong Villa Resort & Spa, you choose a resort located directly on the quiet beach of Chalong Bay. The rooms of the villa are Asian inspired. You can choose between garden, sea or pool views. From the large pool you can enjoy a great view of the sea. Let your soul dangle in this hotel!

The 8 Pool Villa

The accommodations of this hotel in Chalong are particularly luxurious, which is also reflected in the ratings and number of stars. Each accommodation of the villa has a terrace with a beautiful view into the garden. In addition, every living area of “The 8 Pool Villa” has its own pool.

Chalong Chalet Resort

The Chalet Chalong Resort is a hotel with spacious rooms decorated in the traditional style of Thailand. If you want luxury If you love this hotel, you are well advised to book it. The resort has WLAN, a pool and a restaurant. From the pool you can enjoy a great view of the Chalong Beach.

Jasmine Villa

The Jasmine Villa has a living room with direct access to the pool and a flat screen TV. The villa is also equipped with a complete kitchen. Here you can enjoy your peace and escape the hustle and bustle that is common in many other hotels.

Sukko Spa Resort

The Sukko Spa Resort is one of the most popular hotels in Chalong on Phuket. It offers a private balcony, a refrigerator, free wireless internet and a Jacuzzi. You can keep fit with aqua sports and yoga and you can pass your boredom with cooking classes, classic massages or Thai boxing classes.

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