Phuket is the largest island of Thailand and is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the country alongside the Phi Phi Islands and Bangkok. World famous, Phuket is known for beautiful and stunning beaches that are great for swimming, diving and snorkeling, but also for sites such as the James Bond Rock and exciting nightlife. A holiday on Thailand’s most beautiful island is perfect for people looking for peace and quiet. There are countless, partly very luxurious hotels, diverse restaurants and numerous recreational opportunities.

In addition to the island’s most popular beaches, which are world-renowned for its azure waters and white sand, there are many more bays and beaches where you will be almost alone. Whether for families with children, divers, sailors or golfers, the Thai island of Phuket has something for every taste.

Hardly any other island can boast of such an abundance of sandy beaches with crystal clear waters as Phuket. The winding roads lead along the coasts and thus always offer a great view of the sea and the magnificent bays. If you want to visit a beach that is very popular with tourists, access is usually easy and there is good signage.

Whether you want to be in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Patong’s beach or long for loneliness on a remote sandy beach in the northern part of the island, there is something for every type of vacation. Most of the larger beaches have small snack bars or restaurants, so food is also provided. For all Phuket vacationers, who come to the island because of the beautiful beaches, we have put together in this article information and tips on the most beautiful beaches and bays of Phuket, so you certainly will miss no highlight.

1. Patong Beach

Most Phuket connoisseurs are likely to think of Bangla Road first, if the name Patong falls because the party street is in that location. However, Patong is characterized by much more. Worth seeing is definitely the Patong Beach. It is about 3.5 kilometers long and runs along the entire western side of the village of Patong. Not without reason is the beach the main holiday destination of the island, which is why many tourists in Patong search for a hotel. The beach is picturesque and beautiful.

There are many shops, cultural attractions, countless opportunities for activities and excellent restaurants nearby. In Patong both luxury and price-conscious tourists get their money. If you love parties and want to be central without much driving, Patong is the destination for you. However, you should know that Patong Beach is a busy and bustling beach. Peace seekers or travelers who want to get to know Thailand from its traditional side, are therefore not properly advised with this beach. In addition, the Patong Beach is relatively noisy due to the traffic.

Patong Beach – Phuket Thailand

2. Karon Beach

Karon Beach is the third longest beach on Phuket Island. It is located on the west coast and lies between Kata in the south and Patong in the north. Quite rightly, Karon Beach is one of the island’s most popular holiday destinations. The place Karon can be divided into three areas:

    1. Karon Center: a lively little town with an extensive selection of shopping, nightlife and restaurants
    2. Wat Karon: a Buddhist temple with a weekly market held twice a week
    3. Luang Poh Chuan Road: a street at the southern end of Karon Beach with excellent restaurants and all kinds of bars

The Karon Beach Road is perfect for an evening walk when the sun is setting. Right across the street you’ll find fabulous hotel resorts, unique shops and eclectic dining options. Only by the well-known Karon Bazar the road is interrupted. Sun-hungry and beach lovers get their money’s worth on Karon Beach as well as people who want to feel a little Thailand flair on their trip to Thailand. In addition, the place offers a good compromise between tranquility on the beach and a varied nightlife. However, we would like to remind you that Karon is a pretty big place. If you want to explore the entire city, you will need to use a taxi. Bathing rats should know that the sea on Karon Beach can be very rough during the period from May to November.

Karon Beach - Phuket Thailand

3. Nai Harn Beach

Nai Harn Beach is a quiet and quiet place, which is why the locals feel very comfortable here. The small town is located in a narrow bay and is lined with mountains. Accordingly, the space is missing for too many hotels. Visitors will find a good selection of coves and beaches in Nai Harn Beach, which are especially popular with snorkelers, divers and sailors. Locally there are some good local restaurants, but there are only a few attractions or shops. The viewpoints Windmill Hill and Promthep Cape are definitely worth seeing, because from here you can enjoy a wonderful view. Nai Harn Beach is ideal for a relaxing holiday surrounded by nature. Still, you do not have to worry about being completely isolated. Nature and beach lovers will definitely find Nai Harn Beach a good choice. Since there are few shops and no exciting nightlife, tourists looking for action and adventure, but rather to other beaches and regions dodge.

Nai Harn Beach - Phuket Thailand

4. Rawai Beach

Rawai Beach is located on the southeastern tip of Phuket. Historically, this was the island’s first real tourist beach. He is especially popular because here the sea and a gypsy village meet. On the coast you will be able to see many long tail boats anchored to the 2.5 kilometer long Peer. They belong to the local fishermen. Rawai has a harbor that is well-suited for exploring other islands such as Bon Island, Racha Island or Coral Island. Compared to Patong, the atmosphere in Rawai is very quiet. There are only a few nightlife options and shops, but thanks to the beachfront bars and restaurants, there’s no getting bored. In close proximity are Chalong and Nai Harn, so you can visit some attractions such as the Promthep Cape or the Phuket Big Buddha as you vacation in Rawai. If you care about enjoying the real Thailand atmosphere while on holiday, you should definitely give Rawai Beach the edge over Patong. In addition, the Rawai Beach is suitable for tourists who are not happy in crowded tourist areas. If you are looking for exciting nightlife and shopping, Rawai is not the place for you.

Rawai Beach - Phuket Thailand

5. Kata Beach

Kata Beach is a long and lively beach that is especially popular with diving students and surfers. Between the beach and Pu Island is a beautiful reef, which can be explored. The nightlife in Kata is not too rough, but it’s still fun. There are good restaurants, viewpoints, recreational activities and shops. For this reason, Kata is considered very family friendly, making it an often chosen destination for young couples with children. The range of attractions is well sorted around Kata Beach. For these reasons, this beach is also the classic vacation destination on Phuket. Definitely a good choice with Kata Beach

  1. if you love parties
  2. if you like diving or surfing
  3. if you like to have everything central in one place and want to save long taxi rides
  4. if you are looking for a budget holiday if you love luxury
  5. if you travel with children.

Kata Beach is definitely one of Phuket’s most beautiful beaches. If you choose a budget or mid-range hotel, you’ll have to expect more distance to the beach than from the luxury hotels. The latter are located near the beach.

Kata Beach - Phuket Thailand

6. Chalong Bay

Chalong is located on the east coast, which unfortunately is rather muddy. That’s why Chalong Bay is not that good for swimming. This natural place is perfect as a dock for boats, ships and yachts. That’s why Chalong is also a center for all boat activities. The busiest time in Chalong is early in the morning, when excursion and diving groups make the boats. Even in the late afternoon, when the boats leave, the traffic in Chalong Bay is high. The Ao Chalong Yacht Club regularly organizes regattas and has its base in Chalong. He also offers a bar, which is popular with sailors. The most striking feature of Chalong is the seven-meter-wide and 720-meter long jetty. There is a car park and a few restaurants, kiosks, shops and open-air waiting areas so you will not be bored at Chalong Bay. Especially divers are drawn to Chalong, but also fitness fans, because the place has the famous Muay Road, which runs around the Tiger-Muay-Thai. The many local restaurants invite you to pass the time until the boat tour. Especially the fish restaurants are first class. Chalong is also a good starting point to explore other islands near Phuket.

Chalong Bay - Phuket Thailand

7. Surin Beach

The Surin Beach is one of the most exclusive areas of Phuket, which is due to the impressive natural beauty. That’s why celebrities love to come to Surin Beach. Many of the big houses belong to multi-millionaires. Nevertheless, Surin Beach is cosmopolitan and welcomes holidaymakers and guests. There are several boutiques and high-end shops near the beach. Also a few beautiful beach clubs are available. Only in terms of activities, the offer in Surin Beach is somewhat limited. Well suited is the village with the breathtaking beach for vacationers, who escape the stress of everyday life and just want to relax. If you’re lucky enough not to have to spend every euro on your Thailand vacation and if you’re looking for an exclusive destination, Surin Beach is perfect for you. You can relax on the beach during the day and take part in one of the popular beach parties in the evening. From May to November, the sea off Surin Beach is also perfect for surfers. In high season you can snorkel at the northern end of the beach.

Surin Beach - Phuket Thailand

8. Kamala Beach

The Kamala Beach is long and curved. Behind it is a small town. The beach is only a stone’s throw away from Patong, but still the exact opposite of the lively tourist magnet. Kamala is known for its quiet atmosphere and has none of the bustling Patong. That’s why families and elderly people come to Kamala. The city offers numerous villas, first-class hotels and spas, so that nothing remains to be desired. The nightlife is available, but very muted. If you are looking for no hustle and bustle and not just the best parties on the island, but a place to relax and unwind, Kamala Beach is the perfect beach for you. The dreamlike and quiet beach offers many places to relax and unwind. Kamala Beach is also very popular because of its sense of community, because everything here is very village-like. Even price-conscious tourists decide with Kamala definitely right. A special feature of Kamala Beach is that it is one of the few places in Phuket where there are many restaurants right on the beach. As a surf spot, the northern part of the beach is ideal from May to November. In addition, the selection of affordable, yet very high quality hotels is good.

Kamala Beach - Phuket Thailand

9. Bang Tao Beach

The second longest beach in Phuket is Bang Tao Beach. It is considered a place of contrasts, because the southern part is surrounded by a small fishing village and houses many cheap and middle-class hotels. The middle section, however, is occupied by the Laguna Complex, a group of luxury resorts located between the lagoons. The northern part ends at Layan Beach and is still underdeveloped. There are only a few five-star houses and many green hills. Bang Tao Beach is a quiet holiday destination, but there are also some excellent restaurants and beach clubs. Most are located at the entrance to the Laguna complex on or near Tinley Plaza. Wealthy travelers who want to escape the stresses of everyday life will be completely happy on Bang Tao Beach. In addition, everything is in one place, so that the place is also suitable for people who do not want to constantly drive around on vacation. The beach is six kilometers long and offers excellent conditions for long, long walks. The nightlife and shopping possibilities left a lot to be desired. Only in Patong 15 kilometers away, the nightlife raging, so that night owls should look better for another place.

Bang Tao Beach - Phuket Thailand

10. Mai Khao Beach

With a total length of eleven kilometers, Mai Khao Beach is the longest beach on the island of Phuket. The long beach offers a panorama similar to that of the 350-kilometer coastal area between Phuket and Ranong on the Myanmar border. Mai Khao Beach is a fabulous sandy beach lined with tropical almonds, palm trees and pines, as well as unique tropical coastal plants. Mai Khao is secluded from everything, there are only a few luxury resorts and the Splash Jungle Water Park, which causes enthusiasm for all ages. The largest section of the beach belongs to Sirinath National Park. This is the only place in Phuket where every year between November and February the giant Ridley sea turtles lay their eggs. If you are looking for a vacation where you can relax and leave everything behind, Mai Khao Beach is perfect for you. Especially the following people are attracted to this beach:

  • luxury holiday
  • Wedding couple in their honeymoon
  • Familys

By the way: Mai Khao Beach is only five kilometers away from the airport, so you are spared a long journey, but there is no noise pollution. The only drawback of the place is probably that there are only a few restaurants and shops, which also the nightlife on the track remains. For night owls, the 30 kilometer Patong is therefore better.

Mai Khao Beach - Phuket Thailand

11. Nai Yang Beach

As Nai Yang is just a five-minute drive south of the airport, it is a popular holiday destination. But it is also good for the locals. Here you can still feel what real beach life means. There are casuarina trees that offer picnic spots for vacationers and locals, as well as shady spots for souvenirs and food stalls. In Nai Yang vacationers will find absolute rest and relaxation.

Tip: Some parts of the beach are in the Sirinath National Park. It also encloses the reef, which is located at the northern end of the beach.

For families and people looking for peace, Nai Yang Beach is ideal. The water is very shallow, which is why this place especially for families with smaller children. Despite the seclusion and tranquility, there are several restaurants and beach bars, so that in terms of cuisine, no boredom arises. For people who love the party life, but Nai Yang Beach is certainly not the right thing.

Nai Yang Beach - Phuket Thailand

12. Panwa Beach

Panwa Beach was named after a nearby Muslim village. It is located in the southwest of the island. The beauty of the Panwa Beach is that the beach is still the same despite years of construction in the immediate area: it is still very quiet and quiet, which is why it turns out to be a true paradise for rest-loving people. Eight kilometers east of Phuket Town lies Khao Khat, which covers the west coast of Cape Panwa. The sand of the beach is rather rough and the water is very shallow. Nevertheless, this beach is popular with tourists, which is certainly due to the fact that it enjoys a scenic view of Chalong Bay and Lone Island from here. Almost the entire beach is lined with condos and luxury villas. In between there are fishing huts and at the extreme west end of the beach is a mangrove swamp. Most people love the quiet and original atmosphere at Panwa Beach. Party lovers and families with children who are looking for the perfect starting point for a beach holiday, but should rather look in other places, because the nightlife is not really varied and the beach is only partially suitable for swimming.

Panwa Beach - Phuket Thailand

13. Yanui Beach

Yanui Beach is located right between Nai Harn and Laem Promthep, the southernmost point of Phuket. The road south leads past Yanui Beach. Nevertheless, the beach would be easy to miss, would not be numerous parked vehicles suggest that there is something beautiful to see. The beach is quite small, but has beautiful sand and a rocky cape. Directly opposite is a small island in the sea. The Yanui Beach is perfect for snorkeling, but also kids will get their money’s worth. The problem is that the small beach in the morning is very crowded. Therefore, especially for late risers, it might be difficult to get a seat in the shade. The best time to visit is in the early morning or in the late afternoon, because then not so much going on. Meals are provided because there are still some beaches and restaurants in the immediate vicinity.

Yanui Beach - Phuket Thailand

14. Laem Ka Beach

Actually, the most beautiful beaches of Phuket are on the west coast. But there are still some good beaches in the east of the island. This is clearly also Laem Ka. From Chalong this beach is just before Rawai Beach. There is a driveway opposite the Phuket Seashell Museum, which is a bit inconspicuous. The beach is framed by some large rocks, making it ideal for snorkeling. Since the beach is located on the east coast, it is also very protected in the off season. Unfortunately there is no direct view of the sunset from Laem Ka Beach. It is especially nice here but early in the morning. Only at 16 o’clock you should not visit the beach, because then come countless speed boats from the nearby islands back, so that usually many Asian tourists literally flood the beach.

Laem Ka Beach - Phuket Thailand

15. Nui Beach

Nui Beach is located between Kata and Nai Harn. If you come from Nai Harn, turn left just before Karon Viewpoint a gravel road that leads to the beach.

Note: The road becomes very steep after one kilometer, so only experienced riders should venture there. It is better to walk the rest of the way.

The effort is worthwhile, because below you will be rewarded with a great bay, which attracts with the finest sandy beach. The numerous rocks invite you to snorkel. However, here you pay a small entrance fee, for which you get a drink and a daybed. There is also a restaurant and a bar, but the prices are very high. This is mainly because the beach is simply gorgeous and never crowded. Only in low season the restaurant is not occupied, so you do not have to pay entrance.

Nui Beach - Phuket Thailand

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